There are countless nuances between hard and
soft music that JOE LEVIOSA explores in his
garage rock, indie and folk songs.

JOE is supported by six enthusiastic musicians
who, with the help of their very own ideas and
influences, let his ideas grow beyond themselves.

This makes the recordings and live performances become an intense
experience. Because no matter what the band of JOE LEVIOSA
creates, it is always carried by glowing energy and played with
heart and soul.

The first EP “JOE LEVIOSA” will be released in spring 2022. Each
track represents an unique intersection between rock and roll and
the stories that JOE’s life writes.

All songs were recorded in the hall of an old farmhouse in the
Berchtesgaden high alpine region. Inspired by the impressive
view, the band’s sound appears as powerful and intense as the
surrounding landscape.